Medical Tourism

Klinika La Perla is a chain of prestigious beauty clinics, offering services and treatments of the highest quality. A visit in one of our Clinics is a guarantee of experiencing the latest developments of medical knowledge in the atmosphere of relaxation and luxury. We will solve every problem related to your body, ensuring specialist consultation, professionally performed treatment and finally - delightful relaxation.

We also systematically enrich our offer with the latest medical aesthetic devices launched to the global market, and so our technologies and procedures reflect the current state of medical knowledge, while the preparations we use guarantee the highest quality certificates (FDA, CE).

Reasons to choose Poland and La Perla Clinic

All details about the possibilities, procedures and requirements concerning performance of treatments for the Clients of medical tourism can be found at or contacting our Clinic in Warsaw via e-mail: or by calling +48 784 066 272.

Step by Step Process

Contact us:

Contact our clinic or fill the request for quote form. We will require detailed information to understand your exact needs (please refer to inquiry form)

Authorization Release Form:

On receiving duly filled authorization form, we will collect detailed information on your medical history including reports, previous consultation notes etc. to assess your current health status. We will require additional information on your special requirements.

Estimated Quotation:

On receiving the approval from you, we will send customized package and give you approximate quotation depending upon your specific requirement, expectation and budget Online

Online Consultation (optional):

Once we finalize the dedicated clinic for you, we will fix an appointment and arrange for an online consultation /skype/ with the selected surgeon/therapist or we will call you to set up the details.

Closing the Deal:

Once we provide you with the complete package details including cost of surgery and optional traveling arrangements, after getting confirmation from you, we would require you to make an advance payment and complete other formalities.

Fix date for procedure / treatment:

We will coordinate and fix an appointment with our specialist and date for specific surgeries\ therapies, pre operative test and post operative preparation on the basis of your arrival dates.

Arrival date Confirmation and Arrangements:

On getting the confirmation of your arrival dates, we can make arrangements to receive you at the destined airport, (railway station or bus depot for local patient) and travel to the hotel\clinic\ city center. We ensure you a smooth check-in process, since all the arrangements would have been done well in advance, taking care of your habits and likings (accommodation preferences and other like food, personal training, fitness&wellness center etc.)

Follow up and feedback:

We follow-up your health condition, rehabilitation process and can arrange consultation you’re your treating specialist on requirement. Lastly, we would like to have your feedback. We will help you with any of your medical needs when you will be back in your hometown after our therapy or treatment. More information on:

Most popular treatments

Liposuction – Body Jet - the procedure is safe, effective and easy, offering outstanding results with minimal risk.

Breast Augmentation – it can restore the size and shape of the breasts by using the best quality implants. We also offer breast lifting.

Gynecomastia – corrects over-developed or enlarged breasts in men.

Nose Surgery – it can improve the appearance and proportion of your nose, or correct a breathing problem associate with the nose.

Ultherapy – non-invasive procedure available to lift skin on the face, neck and chest.

Liposonix – safe and non-invasive alternative to liposuction – 1 size smaller after 1 treatment.

Thermage – uses focused radio - frequency energy to strengthen collagen in your skin for a smooth, sleek look that can help you feel years younger.

Mesotherapy – non surgical cosmetic solution aimed at diminishing problem areas in your body such as cellulite, excess weight, body contouring, and face/neck rejuvenation.

These and many more treatments you can find in our clinics in Warsaw, Zakopane and Józefów in Poland.

Klinika La Perla „Łowicka”
ul. Łowicka 21B/1, Warsaw, Poland,
tel. +48 784 066 272

Klinika La Perla „Panorama”
ul. Witosa 31, 1p. Warsaw, Poland,
tel. +48 784 066 274

Klinika La Perla „Wilcza”
ul. Wilcza 22A, Warsaw, Poland,
tel. +48 784 066 273

Klinika La Perla SPA „Józefów”
ul. Telimeny 1, Józefów, Poland,
tel. +48 784 066 276

Klinika La Perla SPA „Warszawa”
ul. Grzybowska 63, Warsaw, Poland,
tel. +48 784 066 277

Klinika Kalina Ben Sira SPA „Kraków”
ul. Wielopole 4, Cracow, Poland,
tel. +48 692 209 715

Klinika La Perla SPA „Zakopane”
ul. Balzera 21D, Zakopane, Poland,
tel. +48 784 066 275

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